Summer Driving with Your Teen

Summer Driving with Your Teen

Summer Driving  with Your Teen

A Safe Way Driving Academy

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Summer Driving  with Your Teen

Join us for an 8 hour refresher course for teens that need extra pointers or first time drivers!

Summer school break is a great time to allow your teen to practice their driving skills.  Consider letting them drive on the highway during summer family trips, in the mountains when heading out to enjoy the outdoors or in beach traffic.  These experiences will add greatly to your teens understanding of the road and their practice with interacting with other road user.  It takes 1-5 years for your teen to be an experienced driver.  Give them every opportunity to learn while you are there to help them with their driving.

When driving with your new teen driver, tension can run pretty high.  There are a few basic techniques that you can use to reduce the stress of this situation.

  1. Talk with your teen before you get started.  Let them know that communication is key to being able to help them navigate the highway transportation system effectively.  Encourage your teen to verbalize what they see.
  2. Aiming far ahead is a technique that allows perspective.  By aiming far ahead, you teen can judge where they are in the lane.
  3.  Stopping in time is a learned skill.  Teens naturally begin to stop late.  Teach your teen to begin to stop as soon as they see the rear lights on the car in front of them.
  4. To properly position your car at an intersection your teen driver should be able to see the rear tires of the car in front of them touching the ground.  Any closer than this your teen will not have the room to maneuver around the car in front of them should an emergency occur.
  5. Stay alert.  The tendency to relax, especially at intersections is very tempting to new teen drivers.  They need to realize that intersections are particularly dangerous and be alert with their hands on the wheel and their eyes scanning at intersections.

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