Runners Safety Tips

Prepare for a safe run!

Runners Safety Tips

Runners Safety Tips

Runner at intersection

An irresponsible texting driver is about to run over a pedestrian at an intersection which shows how dangerous texting and driving is. Stop the text and stop the wrecks.

With the coming of spring, runners are getting enthused to get back on the running trails!  Running brings with it so many benefits, not only in respect of health, but also mental and emotional aspects, so many new people are taking up running as their exercise of choice, also.  Running is a wonderful way to connect with your community and enjoy health benefits as well. It is a great way for families to bond, running in races across the nation and preparing together in their home town.

However, anytime a pedestrian is interacting with a vehicle in traffic, safety must be a main priority.   Runners should adopt the attitude that they are invisible and respond to all traffic from that perspective.  Runners should assume that drivers are distracted and not watching the road diligently, because with all the distractions to driving many are not.

Here are just a few safe running tips:

  1.  Please always wear brightly colored clothing that contrast to the environment that you are running in.
  2. Dress with safety in mind, even during daylight hours.  Dark areas in neighborhoods can cause a runner that is dressed in all dark clothing to disappear.
  3. When running in the wee morning hours, realize drivers are often in a hurry or fatigued state.
  4. Run in the opposite direction of the traffic.  Keep your eyes on the traffic at all times. Don’t put the responsibility of your safety on the driver.
  5. When running in traffic, stay on the shoulder or sidewalk, if available.  Don’t trust driver’s to swerve around you!
  6. Listening to your headphones is not a good idea in traffic!  Listen to what is going on around you.  Be alert!
  7. Wear reflective gear!  Something on your person should be reflective, whether it is your tennis shoes, running pants, jacket or a reflective vest.
  8. Be courteous.  Respond to the traffic making visible movements.  Let them know you are taking responsibility for your safety as well.
  9. Be especially careful around high risk area where there are a lot of distractions for drivers.  School zone, shopping centers, areas where there are parked cars are particularly challenging for drivers.  Don’t add to the confusion.
  10. Make your intentions clear.  Wait at the crosswalk, signal a change in direction.  Don’t surprise drivers with sudden direction changes without warning.