Risk vs reward! Speeding!

Risk vs reward! Speeding!

Risk vs reward! Speeding

Almost all endeavors in life of great reward, involve some risk. What is the actual reward for taking the risk of speeding on the Virginia roadways.  Is there a reward at all?  Is it time?  Watch the video below if you  are speeding to save time!  Realize risk in not all circumstances leads to proportionate rewards!

For example, investment risk often brings large economic rewards, however, the down side of that is monetary failure on a large scale.  Gambling incurs large risk, but brings a thrill to many, that causes them to take the risk for the ride of exhilaration!  Many athletes take large risk of injury, or in some cases possible death, in order to reap the many rewards of success, money, recognition and personal reward.

However, some risk is so high that the reward is nonexistent.  This is the case with speeding.  Let’s examine the risk of speeding, and then look at the reward.

Force of impact:   With the burning of gasoline, energy in the form of kinetic energy is being produced.  When you vehicle comes into contact with another object and crashes, coming to a sudden violent stop, where does all that energy go?  It is absorbed by the nearest object, which is you, or your car.  As you increase your speed, you increase the force of this impact exponentially to the second power.  From 20 mph to 60 mph, the speed is tripled, but in a crash the force of impact is increased nine times.   Is the risk worth it?  How much impact can you body take?

Stopping distance:  As you speed increases, your stopping distance increases exponentially to the second power.  This means when an emergency arises your danger of not being able to stop increases.

Tickets: In Virginia, speeding more that 20 mph over the speed limit, or 80 miles an hour will earn you a 6 point ticket, a $250.00 fine and potentially jail time.  What is the reward in that?

Time saving:  First of all, the place to make up for lost time is not on the road where you put yourself and everyone around you at risk.  A crash takes 3 seconds of time, from beginning to end, but it can change your life forever.  Is the reward worth it?  What the following video, taught by a math teacher to classroom of high school students learning to drive, and decide if the time reward is worth the risk.

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