IIHS test passenger side safety!


IIHS test passenger side safety!

IIHS test passenger side safety!


Wait for it!

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety is now testing passenger side safety in crashes.  The institute is located in Virginia and has played a major role in improving safety in our automobiles.  From 2009-2014, there were nine (9) vehicles that had no fatalities per million cars on the road.

The IIHS has does great work in encouraging automobile manufactures to beef up their vehicles to protect the passengers.  At the IIHS they test new safety devices, side  collision safety, driver side front end collision safety, roll over top crush safety, among many other things.  They are now beginning a series of studies on passenger safety.

This is a wonderful facility and service for the consumer!  Through scientific research using sophisticated dummies and tracks in thier facility , the IIHS is causing manufacturers to take a serious look at the consequence of their safety features, or lack there of.

Be sure and visit the website: www.iihs.org to see how your vehicle ranks in safety, or to determine a safe new or used car for yourself or your family member!

Driver improvement classes can make teens and adults alike more aware of the dangers of careless driving.  With a few safe driving tips, you can transform your driving skills, and decrease your risk for serious injury on the road.

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