Frequently Asked Questions – Classroom

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Is this class required by DMV to receive a driver's license in VA?

This class is not required as a part of driver’s education to obtain a driver’s license in Virginia. This class fulfills the court ordered requirement for the 8-hour driver improvement class and can be taken on a voluntary basis to obtain 5 positive points on your license.

Why do I need 5 positive points?

Virginia driver’s licenses are based on demerit points. When you receive your license you have 5 positive points. Each calendar year that you drive without incident you can add 1 point if you are under 5 points. However, you can never have over 5 points. When you get a ticket for a traffic violation, you receive demerit points. Different infractions¬†carry a different amount of points, and stay on your license for 2 years. For example, if you receive 6 demerit points for a reckless driving ticket, you have a negative 1 points on your license. By completing this class you will be back up to positive points with a positive 4 points.

How do my points affect my insurance rates?

DMV points are not the same as insurance points. Each insurance company has their own technique for assigning points based on their company policies. However, the points on your driver’s license are the measure of your safe driving practices that many insurance companies use to determine your insurance rates. Many insurance companies offer safe driver discounts for customers who voluntarily attend driver improvement classes.

Can I bring snacks or lunch to class?

8 hours is a long time. We try to make you as comfortable as possible in a classroom situation. You are encouraged to bring a lunch or snacks, as there will be lunch time included and time for snacks as well. Eating is allowed in the classroom and we are conveniently located directly behind Hardee’s on Parham and students are encouraged to walk over and get lunch if they wish.

How do I preregister?

You can receive a $6.00 off coupon by registering online by filling out the form below and submitting it to A Safe Way Driving Academy. This is not an official contract. You will still need to arrive half an hour early in order to pay and sign a contract. The information in your preregistration is protected and will not be viewed by the public, but will be sent to a separate account viewable by A Safe Way Driving Academy only. The information on your preregistration will be the same information put on your certificate of completion to be given to DMV. Be sure that all the information is true and accurate.your questions and needs are answered, along with the information you need to be a safer driver.