Driving Defensively-Side Impact Collisions

Driving Defensively-Side Impact Collisions

Driving Defensively-Side Impact Collisions




Between 8,500 and 10,000 Americans are killed each year in side impact crashes. Side impact crashes occur at intersections when one vehicle makes a mistake that creates an impact on the other vehicle.  With the increase of traffic, and the increase of impatient and aggressive drivers, it is important to exercise extra caution at intersections to protect yourself. Although manufacturers have recently begun to increase the strength and security of the side of the vehicles, largely due to IIHS research, these accidents continue to be especially dangerous as the car enters at the side where there is very little protection for the occupants.   Side impact airbags help to cushion the driver or passenger to some degree and “spread” the impact over a greater area to reduce the force of impact.  Unfortunately, with side impact collisions, the body is pushed sideways at a high rate of speed, causing the organs inside the cavity to move quickly.  As the heart moves is the stationery part of the heart splits and causes death.


Be sure that you scan your intersections in advance.  Know in advance which lane you need to be in and hesitate a few seconds if you are the first person at the intersection.  Watch for aggressive drivers that:

  • Follow too closely
  • Weave in and out of lanes
  • Do not signal
  • Make improper turns
  • Driver erratically
  • Fail to signal

Protect yourself and your family from injury by driving defensively!

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