As we age we will all experience some challenges.  For each of us the time may come when we need to consider letting someone else take over the responsibility of driving for us. 

As we age our reflexes along with our eyesight and cognitive abilities slow down.  This is a natural process of aging.  We can make our best efforts to slow down or retard this process as much as possible, but it is something that seniors need to take into consideration.

Driving tips!

There are some tips that I can offer as a driving instructor to help with senior driving skills and evaluation.

  1. No distractions!  Statistically, seniors are as guilty of texting as any other demographic! To receive a text or send a text requires your eyes, hands and mind to be off the road for as long as 4 seconds!  In this distance at 70 mph you have covered a football field in distance.  Texting and driving is totally unacceptable, and in Virginia can land you a as much as a $375.00 fine, along with a first class misdemeanor (reckless driving), that stays on your record for 11 years.  Think what that will do to your insurance!
  2.  Think!  Studies show that we are more likely to allow our minds to wander in seemingly less dangerous situations.  However, as a long time driver, you realize that a crash happens at those times you let your guard down.  Be aware of times that your mind is more prone to wander, and have a routine to compensate.  For example: always look right, left, right at an intersection before proceeding, looking to the left last always!  This is a habit that can prevent collisions.
  3. Talk to yourself!  Studies show that we do listen to ourselves.  Remind yourself, look left, right and behind before pulling out of our driveway.  Check those blind spots!
  4. Evaluate yourself honestly!  Are you having senior moments on the road? Do you need help discerning whether you are fit to drive?
  5. Call for help! Please contact us for a professional evaluation of your driving services!  We are here to help!

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