Techniques for avoiding collisions- SIPDE
Techniques for avoiding collisions- SIPDE Learn driving techniques to improve your defensive driving skills.
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Techniques for avoiding collisions- SIPDE

Techniques for avoiding collisions- SIPDE

Techniques for avoiding collisions- SIPDE

Safe driving technique

SIPDE and safe driving

Techniques for avoiding collisions- SIPDE
S.I.P.D.E is an acronym for defensive driving.
#Defensivedriving is not a passive activity, but rather an active, conscious effort made to train your eyes and mind to drive in a defensive manner. By using this system of scanning the environment, identifying possible conflicts and preparing in advance for these conflicts you will be able to, essentially: decide ahead what action you need to take in order to execute smooth movements and avoid any conflict that may arise.

An intersection in an urban environment is the most potentially dangerous situation you will face in high traffic areas.   By scanning the intersection before reaching the light, you are mentally preparing for the intersection.  Determining in advance if the light been green for a long time (stale green) and potentially ready to change to yellow. For example, you will be able to be prepared when you reach the solid white intersection line, eith the easy movement of lifting your right foot off the accelerator. w You can cover the brake and create a “buffer zone”; this allows you to be prepared and stop if the light were to turn yellow.  If the light remains green however, you can go through.  Using this method, your speed will only be reduced one to two mph and you can safely navigate the intersection.

With scanning in advance you will also determine the lane that you should be in, the traffic patterns of the intersection, the activity of the intersection and check for any vehicles that are traveling too fast and may be running the red light.  Using the SIPDE method  in an urban environment where you are scanning the road for possible conflicts and you spot a vehicle pulling out on the road from a side road.  You notice the driver is distracted, talking on the phone or not even glancing in your direction.  With a simple predetermined move you can change lanes and allow the entering vehicle to have the right lane, thus avoiding any potential conflict in advance.  The other driver may not even be aware that you had avoided any conflict at all. The principle behind this method is the concept of looking, not at just the road directly in front of your car or car directly in front of you, but looking far ahead on the road.  You are determining how to react to the mistakes of other drivers, before they occur, thereby cutting down on perception time. Thus allowing yourself time to make a smooth avoidance action in plenty of time



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